Valdeep Saini

Position: Assistant Professor


Valdeep Saini is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Disability Studies. He graduated with his doctoral degree in Behaviour Analysis from the University of Nebraska and completed his post-doctoral fellowship in Pediatric and Behavioural Psychology at Upstate Medical University in New York. Dr. Saini has over 10 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities across a variety of settings including intensive outpatient clinics, mental health facilities, and school-based programs.

Dr. Saini’s primary research interests include (a) clinical applications of behaviour analysis to the assessment and treatment of severe behaviour disorders, (b) the translation of basic operant phenomena to areas of social importance such as interventions for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, (c) improving assessment and intervention practices in pediatric feeding disorders, and (d) factors that influence the generalization and maintenance of behavioural interventions. This research is executed in both applied clinical contexts such as with children with autism spectrum disorder or related disabilities, as well as in human-laboratory settings. Dr. Saini’s studies have been published in a number of reputable peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis and the Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour.


Saini, V., Fisher, W. W., & Retzlaff, B. J. (accepted). Efficiency in functional analysis of problem behaviour: A quantitative and qualitative review. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Sullivan, W. E., Saini, V., & Roane, H. S. (2018). A non-sequential approach to the study of operant renewal: A reverse translation. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour109, 1-13.

Saini, V., Sullivan, W. E., Baxter, E. L., DeRosa, N. M., & Roane, H. S. (2018). Renewal during functional communication training. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis51, 1-17.

Saini, V., Fisher, W. W., & Retzlaff, B. J. (2018). Predictive validity and efficiency of ongoing visual inspection criteria for interpreting functional analyses. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis51, 303-320.

Busch, L. P. A., Saini, V., Zorzos, C., & Duyile, L. (2018). Treatment of life-threatening pica with five-year follow-up. Advances in Neurodevelopmental Disorders2, 1-9.

Saini, V., Betz, A. M., Gregory, M. K., Leon, Y., & Fernandez, N. (2017). A survey-based method to evaluate optimal treatment selection of escape-maintained problem behaviour. Behaviour Analysis in Practice10, 214-227.

Saini, V., Fisher, W. W., & Pisman, M. D. (2017). Persistence during and resurgence following non-contingent reinforcement implemented with and without extinction. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis50, 377-392.

Saini, V., & Fisher, W. W. (2016). Evaluating the effects of discriminability on behavioural persistence during and following time-based reinforcement. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behaviour106, 195-209.

Saini, V., Greer, B. D., Fisher, W. W., Lichtblau, K. R., De Souza, A. A., & Mitteer, D. R. (2016). Individual and combined effects of non-contingent reinforcement and response blocking on automatically reinforced problem behaviour. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis49, 693-698.

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Saini, V., Greer, B. D., & Fisher, W. W. (2015). Clarifying inconclusive functional analysis results: Assessment and treatment of automatically reinforced aggression. Journal of Applied Behaviour Analysis48, 315-330.


Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Upstate Medical University

PhD, Behavior Analysis, University of Nebraska Medical Center

MS, Applied Behavior Analysis, Florida Institute of Technology

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