BA Mentorship: crowd-sourcing for today’s behavior analysts.


BA Mentorship was born out of the need for accurate, ethical crowd sourcing.
In today’s culture with social media being the go-to place for advice, our field is not immune. This poses issues with the way that we talk about our field online. We cannot deny that we live in an era of disinformation and this can affect the dissemination of behavior analysis. Anyone can respond to Facebook posts, leaving the field open to miscommunication and misconduct.
BA mentorship has created a platform that enables ethical crowd-sourcing. We ensure that all of our users are accurately represented using badges for three categories: credentialing, level of practice, and research experience.


Well-informed dissemination of behavior analysis is essential. Let’s do it the right way by complying with the ethics code, respecting our clients’ privacies, and engaging in meaningful conversations.